Program Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of the four-year program, the graduates have the ability to:
Performance Indicators
1. Demonstrate in depth understanding of the development of diverse types of learners
A. Identify and design lessons according to the stages of learners’ growth and development
B. Utilize the potentials and uniqueness of individual learners in teaching
2. Exhibit comprehensive knowledge of various learning areas in the elementary/secondary curriculum to meet the needs of diverse learners

A. Discuss and share insights on the subject area’s learning goals, instructional procedures and content in the secondary/elementary curriculum
B. Facilitate collaboration among diverse learners
C. Utilize English and Filipino languages effectively in delivering instruction
3. Design and implement teaching and learning strategies and materials appropriate to the high school/elementary learners

A. Use appropriate teaching – learning strategies to sustain interest in learning
B. Select, develop or adapt updated technology in support of instruction
C. Use improvised and indigenous materials for meaningful learning
4. Create and utilize assessment tools and procedures to measure complex learning outcomes

A. Balance the use of traditional and non-traditional assessment techniques
B. Interpret and use assessment data and information to improve teaching and learning
C. Adjust assessment tools and procedures to reflect school policies and guidelines

5. Produce publishable relevant research outputs to address national and global educational issues

A. Submit a publishable relevant research output
B. Present the submitted research output to local and international
C. Create learning modules that give emphasis on cultural awareness and appreciation, gender equality, and environmental preservation

6. Demonstrate the Lasallian core values of faith, service and communion in mission in the practice of their profession

A. Integrate Lasallian core values in the practice of their profession
B. Show positive attitude towards work and colleagues

7. Take part in addressing the needs of the community and take actions in local and global issues

A. Join tree planting and mangrove planting in different partner communities
B. Volunteer in catechetical work in different public schools within the locality and literacy initiated activities to Subanen communities
C. Participate in the Early Childhood Care and Development training of Day Care Workers of Ozamiz